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Splash of Water

SSGTL - Wash Down Stainless Conveyor

This stainless steel conveyor is ideal for food environments where intense wash downs are required frequently. The close cap design of the rollers ensure that there is not water penetration into the tube and the grade 316 stainless steel is approved for contact with food.


Full Stainless Construction

Grade 316 Stainless Tracks, Rollers & Stands

Grade 316 stainless steel is an ideal choice for a conveyor system in the food processing industry due to its numerous advantages. Its exceptional corrosion resistance, especially in chloride-rich environments, ensures longevity and hygiene in the conveyor's operation. The alloy's resistance to chemicals and acids, coupled with its ease of cleaning, makes it suitable for maintaining strict hygiene standards in food processing. The aesthetic appeal of Grade 316 stainless steel is an additional benefit, providing a visually pleasing and clean surface.

Closed Cap Rollers

Allows intense wash downs without risk of trapped water

Each stainless roller is fitted with closed cap, spring loaded stub axle. The closed cap design prevents any route for water to get passed the bearing and sit it the tube ensuring the track stays clean and hygienic. The spring loaded stub axle allows for easy removal and replacement of rollers within seconds 

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Configuration Options

Adjustable height stands and roller positions

The design of the SSGTL track allows for the rollers to sit proud of the frame or below the frame with ease to suit whatever you require. The stands give a height range from 675mm to 985mm  which can be adjusted by removing a couple of bolts. Grade 316 stainless end stops also available if required.

Tracks can be linked together using stands to extend the length of the track to meet your needs.


Lengths:  975mm /  1575mm / 2025mm

Width:      800mm Max

Height:     675 - 985mm

Material:  Grade 316 Stainless Steel

                  Plastic end caps + Stub axle

Loading:   Ideal for goods 25Kg Max

Price on application - Email or call below

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