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Heavy Duty Floor/Pallet Conveyor Track

The NR2000 series offers a practical and efficient pallet conveyor , with a 3mm thick U-Section frame and finished with bright zinc plating to provide corrosion resistance and improved aesthetics. The NR2000 series has fitting holes 26mm apart allowing for 52, 78 and 104mm roller pitches and the ability to be fit with Ø40, Ø50 and Ø60mm rollers allowing you to customise the track to fit your needs. Rollers are bolted in position with a 140mm long M10 bolt to make for secure fixing that can be easily removed to allows quick repairs and replacements. Frames are stocked in 3M (2990mm) but can be cut down to suit customer requirements.

Pallet Roller Track Size
Pallet Track Layout

Side Guides

These guides are strategically angled outward serving as a guide for forklift operators. They ensure that loads are positioned accurately and centered on the track. The added height these guides provide to the frame also plays a role in maintaining load alignment, preventing any unintended deviations.

Side Guide For Conveyor

End Stops

End stops are also available if you need to ensure that loads come to a stop at the end of a length of track. These bolt into the holes already in the frames which allows for easy installation and removal if needed.

End Stop For Conveyor

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