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HD5 - Heavy Duty Roller Conveyor

This heavy duty roller conveyor is ideal for environments where load rating is key. Offered with a range of rollers this track is AED Rollers go to when strength is required.


Heavy Duty Construction

5mm thick folded mild steel frames & stands

All HD5 track is made from 5mm thick c-folded mild steel frames. Thanks to this the HD5 track can take up to 1000Kg UDL. The track allows pitch in multiples of 75mm and is modular allowing multiple lengths of the track to be linked together using the ADJ5 stand. 

Lengths: 1.2M, 2M, 2.4M and 3M

Roller Options

Medium-Heavy to Extra Heavy Duty Rollers Available

As standard we offer this track with our RGM range of rollers, these semi precision bearing rollers and sprung loaded into the track offering medium - high level loading. 

However, if you require even more strength then you can opt for our IR range to be fitted, these larger welded rollers are fitted with precision bearings and bolted into the track.

Untitled Project (160).png

Configuration Options

Adjustable height stands and roller positions

Depending on your needs rollers can either sit proud of the frame with with a pitch of your suiting. Heavy duty adjustable stands can also be added as well as end stops, power coating and guards, all these are available at request.  

As all the tracks are also modular these can be linked indefinitely with our stands to create lengths of track to your requirements. 


Lengths:  1260mm /  2025mm / 2400mm / 3000mm

Width:      up to 2000mm (on request)

Height:     500 - 1300mm

Material:  Mild steel

Loading:   Up to 1000Kg UDL 

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